INOVENT - Glass Facade

Outstanding glass rain screen system

Limitless Design

Fully customizable

First class system
Fully integrated services

Fully integrated services








INOVENT is weather independent

INOVENT is a fully customizable glass rain screen system, engineered to increase your building’s energetic efficiency and to protect it from elements.

INOVENT is fully customizable

Either you want the design on plane or curved glass or in different sizes and shapes of the glass panels, INOVENT is the answer.

BE CREATIVE!...Imagination is the only limit

By using EVOPRINT, ceramic printed glass, you can personalize your façade in a wide range of colors and images. All of them digitally printed at a photographic resolution of 1440 dpi, with the highest level of detail and accuracy.

Safety Tested Delivered

Complying with all European safety standards and regulations is a key factor in our production process.

Ease of usage

INOVENT was designed for a greater ease of usage for the full after-sale life time.

Fully integrated services

Everything from consultancy, design, image scaling and processing, technical solutions, execution, testingand implementation is covered by our team of specialists.

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